Our Vision

Our Mission

Making Fully Devoted Followers of Jesus

who Call on God’s Power to Boldly and Lovingly Reach Their Neighbors,

the Next Generation, and the Nations For Christ


The Main Thing

At MVCC our “main thing” is to make disciples, following Jesus’ command in Matthew 28:18-20. The word disciple literally means “follower” or “pupil” and in Matt. 28 Jesus commanded that the process of making disciples involves teaching them to obey everything He commanded. For this reason our vision is to make “fully devoted followers” of Jesus.



Although Jesus entrusted the church with the commission of making fully devoted followers of Him, we realize that only God has the power to change lives. Therefore, our vision is to be a praying church, calling on God’s power to make fully devoted followers, asking Him to give us the boldness and love to effectively reach our neighbors, the next generation and the nations for Christ.

The 3 N’s

While our desire is to be a church that serves God’s people and reaches out to all, we believe that God has led us to place an emphasis on these 3 N’s: our Neighbors, the Next Generation, and the Nations.

FatherSonDockGrungeFirst, our vision is to be a church that (1) reaches out to those in Frederick County, (2) more intentionally seeks to minister to the Urbana Community in which we are situated, and (3) equips believers wherever they live to befriend, serve, and share the gospel with their Neighbors.

Secondly, in addition to reaching our neighbors we want to reach the Next Generation. Recent studies have shown that young people, particularly in the 18-22 year old age group are dropping out of church. This decline seems to begin around age 16. Moreover, the 18-29 age group in America is struggling with faith. For this reason we want to place a renewed emphasis on reaching the Next Generation.

Thirdly, we want to be a missions minded church having a global vision. We want to be intentional about reaching the Nations, with an emphasis on planting new churches among unreached peoples.


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