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Welcome to MVCCFrederick.com

Dear Friend,

Thank you for coming to visit our website! As I think you will find in the pages ahead, Mountain View is a church filled with a lot of genuine people who genuinely love God and genuinely care for one another. Our prayer and desire is that we might help point you to the love and power of God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and through personal relationships with those of us at Mountain View.

I realize that you may be checking out our website merely as one who is curious about Christianity or one who is interested in checking out our church. Hopefully these pages will help you learn more about our faith and about Mountain View.

  • If you have questions about God or Faith or the Bible, please go to the “Who is Jesus?” link in our menu.
  • If you’re curious about Mountain View and just want some basic information, or if you’ve started attending MVCC and are interested as to how you can (1) get connected to others or (2) get involved or find a place to grow, you can find Directions to our church by clicking on the link in the sidebar.
  • If you choose to worship with us this weekend, either Saturday at 6:00 pm or Sunday at 9:15 am or 11:00 am, you can expect to experience a warm and friendly greeting, vibrant and authentic worship, relevant biblical preaching, casual dress, and a great children’s program (see God’s Backyard)!
  • And lastly, if you want to learn even more about Mountain View and plan to visit us soon, please consider signing up for backstage, which is a 60-minute tour and welcome to MVCC that we offer once a month after church.

I hope you enjoy reading the following pages and that you will find Mountain View to be a place where you can learn more about the wonderful and awesome God we serve!


Guy Kneebone
Senior Pastor

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