As we wrap up a month of prayer in July and look ahead to the fall kickoff, we want to update you on the status of the church vision: “Frederick For Christ- Multiplying the gospel to reach the next generation and neighborhood.”

As a quick review:

Spring of 2016– As we approached the 20th anniversary of MVCC, the Vision Task Force (VTF) was assembled and began to investigate our options for spreading the impact of the gospel throughout Frederick County for the next 10- years.
Summer of 2016– Elders approved the vision and its four components.

-Multiplying Disciples
-Multiplying Leaders
-Multiplying Campuses
-Maximizing the Facility

Fall of 2016 Vision Night– A presentation was made and the church prayed about adopting the 10-year vision “Frederick For Christ: Multiplying the gospel to reach the next generation and neighborhood.”

(slides from FVN)

Winter 2017– VTF investigated options for planting a campus in Brunswick or in Frederick at the Trinity School building, while also contacting an architect to create conceptual drawings for expanding the facility.
Winter 2017– Pastor Guy preached a sermon about the vision and called on the church to respond by joining the Vision Prayer Partners.
Spring 2017– Building plans began to take shape while doors closed on multiplying campuses in this phase.

Town Hall (June 11)

Summer 2017– At the Town Hall, Elders and Staff presented the results of a season of investigating, which were:

 Frederick for Christ is a 10-year vision focused on multiplication. The results of our year of investigation have determined a two-phase approach.

• Phase 1 is a focus on expanding our facility in conjunction with the explosive growth of the Urbana community.

• Phase 2  clicks into focus with multi-site campuses. There is also general agreement that we prefer to have a Pastor of Outreach and Missions in place before targeting additional campus locations..

The minutes are available here and the audio of the question and answer portion is available here.

 Summer Congregational Meeting (June 25)

  • Summer of 2017 continued ….

-After questions arose at the congregational meeting about details regarding plans for the building expansion, Pastor Guy declared July a month of prayer to seek clarity and unity.
-July 9th- A prayer night was held with Q & A and focused prayer for the vision.
-Feedback was solicited by a focus group regarding the need for a kitchen to be installed as part of the overall building expansion.
-A meeting with the architect, Charles Alexander, was held with members of the worship team and a representative of WAVE audio engineers to clarify concepts for the video venue/chapel in the building expansion.

 Congregational meeting slides and minutes are available by clicking on links.

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